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so, you may have noticed things look quite a bit different around here. :p I recently worked on migrating over from Wordpress to a new awesome blogging platform written in NodeJS called Ghost! At the moment, I still have a few more things to work out. But, feel free to shoot me an e-mail or comment is you have any issues or suggestions. Thanks!…

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Japan Trip Winter 2013: Part 5(Gunma)


hey guys, Here's the final part of my Winter 2013 Japan trip! Enjoy! I took the long train ride from Osaka all the way up to Maebashi in Gunma and metup once again with my good friend Eichi who runs the Gunma chapter of Garage Re-Sanai. He surprised me with a new car he picked up which was sporting a very nice wing. :p After heading back to drop …

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Japan Trip Winter 2013: Part 4(Kansai)


So, here's my second to last post of my winter japan trip. Just a heads up, once this series is over, you'll be seeing some big changes on the site. :p anyways, on to the next stop which is the Kansai region! First things first, I grabbed my ticket and headed over to Kakegawa station to take the shinkansen to Osaka station. From there I metup with…

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Japan Trip Winter 2013: Part 3.5(Fuji Speedway)


So, while I was in Shizuoka, Hideki invited me out to a drift day happening over at Fuji Speedway. He wasn't driving since he had an event at Tsukuba the following day, but one of his friends was. So, I tagged along for a ride. The morning started off pretty early with Hideki stopping by the hotel to come pick me up. After that it was off to grab…

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Japan Trip Winter 2013: Part 3(Shizuoka)


So, kicking things back off was my venture down south of Tokyo. First stop was Shizuoka! I'm gonna do this a bit backwards, and show you my last day first, and then the first day last. There's a reason for this, which you'll see later. :p First off, I picked up this AMAZING strawberry break thing before heading to the train station Then it was on…

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Yuki: Boosted Goodness: Part 2


Picking up from where I left off over in Part 1, The initial build of my SR was finished. But, I was running into some spark issues. After I came back from japan during the holidays, sadly they were still fighting the no spark issue over at Carb Connection. until things were working, I really was getting really annoyed not having any wheels, so I …

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Yuki: Boosted Goodness: Part 1


Over the past 6-9 months i've been saving and piecing together parts for Yuki's new engine. Naturally, its only fitting that the platform is a SR20DET blacktop from a 1997 180sx Type-X. :p With that said, lets kick things off so I can start going over what's all there and how the build went! So, lets first start of with the motor itself. It was or…

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Japan Trip Winter 2013: Part 2(Tokyo)


hey guys, Still working on trying to get this blog train rolling. Life has been hectic, so sorry for the slowness! :\ Anyways, lets pick up where we left off. The first section of my trip involved being up in Tsukuba for a few days. If you missed that post you can find it here! After Tsukuba, I made my way back down town Tokyo for about a week. So…

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Japan Trip Winter 2013: Part 1(Tsukuba)


hey guys, finally, after a few months of slacking and putting this off here's my the beginning to my 3rd Japan Trip! Enjoy! So, previous cases when I went to Japan its always during the spring around May. This time, I wanted to experience what early winter was like, so I went over the New Years and X-Mas Holidays! This also gave me an extra week t…

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Yes, i'm still alive and Japan Trip #3!

hey everyone, sorry for being so dead recently. I've just been busy with work, life stuff, and alot of awesome stuff with Yuki which you'll see some posts about starting the new year. that aside, I just wanted to give a heads up that i'm going back to japan again! This time its for the holidays. I'm trying to finish packing as we speak before flyi…

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